All of the (except 1) could be stolen and put into your family traditions on Thanksgiving.

Traditions are a funny thing. It's just something you start and then all of sudden you keep doing the same thing and voila, you have a tradition. Even if you have NO family traditions on Thanksgiving, THAT'S a tradition.

Sometimes you just hear a good idea and want to incorporate them into your own traditions.

Here are a few ideas for you to implement into your Thanksgiving Day... and one you shouldn't.

1. The Thanksgiving Tree - Yes the holiday tree idea is stolen from Christmas, but the Thanksgiving Tree is homemade. People write what they are thankful for on a leaf and then someone reads the leaves and tapes the leaves to a laminated tree trunk. Then the next year, you can add on to the tree.

2. Let Everyone Toast - From the patriarch or matriarch of the family to the kid who can barely speak. Go around the table and say what you are thankful for or give an official toast. Even if you have a big group and you've heard "friends and family" more times than you can count, it's important for everyone to feel heard.

3. Take an All-Family Post Meal Walk - Whether it's 20 degrees or 80, bundle up together and all go for a walk around the neighborhood. You will all feel better and the conversation during the walk is always entertaining. "Why are we doing this?" "I ate so much." "I'm not going to make it back."

4. Remember Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away - We are taking time to remember what we are thankful for and for what we have. But that does not mean it's a time to overlook what and who we don't have either. Take time to remember and honor those you have lost as they are still with you and your family/friends.

Now time for 1 crappy tradition that has made it's way to California. People want to get a jump on the holiday travel. The only problem is that so do thousands of other people. Check out what holiday travel in California looks like below.

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