As a movie and/or TV (and/or comic book) dork myself, I say this from experience: Movie and/or TV (and/or comic book) dorks are hard to shop for. Typically, they keep tabs on the things they might want (and plenty of things they don’t want) at all times. Very often, these are the people that are rushing out to buy things on the first day they go on sale. That leaves very little for the gift givers in their lives to choose from when the holidays roll around.

So a good gift guide for a movie and TV is worth its weight in beskar — which, by the way, if you’re buying gifts for a Star Wars fan, yes you can get replica beskar ingots, which would make a great paperweight or desk tchotchke. Below, I’ve collected ten fun ideas for fans of movies, TV, Star WarsStar Trek, and more, all of which are available now, most of which are affordably priced, a few of which are downright cheap. There should be at least one thing on here to make any pop culture nerd you know happy. (All of them would make this specific pop culture nerd happy, if that matters to you.)

The list also includes links to where you can find all the items, in case you are in a real hurry to get something now now now. (And, again, knowing this demographic, it’s probably a good idea to get gifts sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more likely it is they will just buy it for themselves.)

ScreenCrush 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

10 great gift ideas for the film or TV lover in your life.

Gallery Credit: Matt Singer

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