As well all know, I am not an Iowa native. My home state is Ohio so you can bet when I moved here I struggled a tiny bit (okay, a LOT), with pronouncing some of the Iowa town names. Honestly, I still struggle with this.

That's why I wanted to make this list of Iowa town names that are deceiving when out-of-towners like me try to pronounce them. Don't worry, I want to make sure you don't look like a fool trying to pronounce them to the locals, so I am even going to break it down for you by spelling so you can practice. Check out the top 10 Iowa towns out-of-towners can't pronounce below and start practicing.

Oh and by the way, if you still need some help and are an auditory learner, check out this link from Iowa Public Radio that pronounces all the names for you here:

10 Iowa Towns Out-Of-Towners Can't Pronounce

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