The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has a new Captain America. It’s got a mysterious group of new Super Soldiers called the Flag-Smashers. It has a fight over the right to Steve Rogers’ shield. It’s huge huge action and chase sequences.

And all anyone can talk about is Daniel Bruhl dancing.

It happened last week on Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 3. About 29 minutes into the episode, Zemo (Bruhl), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) are wandering a swanky party in Madripoor when Zemo — who, you will recall, is an evil criminal mastermind — suddenly hits the dance floor and busts a move.

In the actual episode, the shot literally lasts less than two seconds. But it got so much attention on social media that Marvel just posted an extended version of the scene on Twitter. Yes, now you can bask in alternate angles of Zemo cutting a rug and even more of Bruhl’s sweet dancing:

From now on, I think we have to call that fist pump “The Zemo.”

Bruhl recently explained how this charmingly bizarre moment came about to Entertainment Tonight. “That was such a weird choice I made on the day,” Bruhl said. “It wasn’t scripted. It was improvised. I was there, I saw the crowd, I heard the beats. I thought Zemo needs to show his moves, he needs to let off some steam after sitting in a dodgy German prison for years.”

The fourth episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres tomorrow on Disney+. Fingers crossed that this week Daniel Bruhl does the Floss.

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