Eivom a gnitteg si annataz!

(That’s Zatanna speak for “Zatanna is getting a movie.”)

DC Comics’ preeminent backwards-talking magical superhero is reportedly on deck for her own big-screen movie. The long-running DC character (and occasional member of the comic-book Justice League) is getting her first movie, which will be written by Emerald Fennell, whose Promising Young Woman became one of the most acclaimed films of 2020.

More, via Variety:

The upcoming installment in the DC Extended Universe will be Zatanna’s first franchise appearance. She is known for her involvement with the Justice League, though the character has never appeared in a DC movie. Serinda Swan previously portrayed Zatanna, marking the superhero’s live-action debut, on later seasons of The CW show “Smallville.”

Zatanna debuted in DC Comics in 1964. Created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, her first appearance came in the pages of Hawkman #4. Her father is another famous DC Comics’ magician character, Zatarra. (Technically speaking, Zatanna’s full name is Zatanna Zatara. Say that five times fast.) She can cast spells by speaking backwards and is easily recognizable from her top hat and tails costume. She’s also generally been more of a supporting character in the pages of Justice League of America and Justice League Dark; most of her solo series have been short-lived. So figuring out how to turn her into the headliner of her own film won’t be an easy task.

Zatanna joins a jumbled lineup of upcoming DC movies. The Suicide Squad from James Gunn is next, followed by The FlashShazam 2Black Adam, and Aquaman 2, although not necessarily in that order. The character of Zatanna has not been cast yet. At present, Zatanna is expected to be a theatrical movie and not a straight-to-HBO Max release.

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