Can we all be honest here and just say that the best part of going out to eat is actually having leftovers for the next day? Come on, I can't be the only one who thinks this!

I know some of you are questioning, "what are leftovers?" Well for those of you who are able to finish your whole plate, good for you but you are missing out on the next day meal! You need to be like the rest of us who's eyes are too big for their stomachs and order way more than we need to eat in one sitting. However, this is okay because we get two meals in one with leftovers!

I think we can all agree that some of our favorite restaurants are the ones that you leave with leftovers because they have such big portions! I mean look, I am not a good cook so if I can have food already prepped for the next day than it is a good day in my book. So I decided to help everyone out in the Cedar Valley and find out which restaurants here are you sure to leave with leftovers. In other words, which ones have the biggest portions!

Now, I am throwing my hat in the ring for some of these choices as well which you can check out below but you will NOT be disappointed when leaving these restaurants with food in hand and tummy.

Check out my gallery below and thank YOU for all of your responses and input on this subject on our Facebook pages.

Restaurants in the Cedar Valley You Are Sure To Get Leftovers From


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