What would it take to make you leave your job during a pandemic and a downturn in the economy? This is not exactly the best time to go unless... you feel underpaid. That is the precise reason Iowans leave their place of employment looking for greener pastures according to Zippa.

Here's my question though: during this pandemic, unless you KNOW you have something locked down, is it wise to leave your job to see what else is available? After all, making any amount of money is better than making none at all. Overall, the Zippia study did find most American workers are staying out. Right now, only 36% of people say they never really consider leaving their current job. And even smaller percentage, 15%, say they plan to quit before the end of 2020.

Iowa wasn't alone, money was the most common answer state-by state. Other state's reasoning for employees wanting to quit their jobs include an unpleasant work environment, a bad or unsupportive boss, they disliking the work, they want to improve work-life balance, or they feel they have no opportunity to advance with their current employer.

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