There are bad drivers everywhere. The slam on drivers here in Iowa is they simply cannot use a blinker. But apparently, according to the insurance website Quote Wizzard, no Iowa city makes the list of being home to the worst drivers in America. I guess that's a good thing. But we didn't miss out by much...

Omaha, Nebraska drivers are the worst in the U.S., but why?

So the folks at Quote Wizzard analyzed two million auto insurance quotes to determine the best and worst drivers in our country. After crunching their numbers, the reason why was predominantly because folks in Omaha had more DUIs in the past year than any other city. They also had a lot of citations, which means a driver was ticketed for running a stoplight, texting while driving, etc. They also ranked high in crashes and speeding. They also have the 'honor' of being the only midwestern state in the top 15 for worst drivers.

So why didn't any Iowa cities make the list of the worst or even best drivers? Apparently to larger Iowa city ranked very high (or low) in the four categories the study looked at, accident, DUI, speeding, or citations issued. I guess it's better to not make a list like this than have a city be on the list of worst drivers.

There are more Midwestern cities on the worst drivers list than best drivers one

Of the Midwestern cities on the list of worst drivers, Madison, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis all made the 'worst' list. There are 35 total cities ranked. Most of the cities to get a dishonorable mention are in California, which had a total of six cities listed.

Of the midwestern towns to make the best drivers list, St. Louis ranked #2, and Chicago was ranked at #32. The best overall city on the list was Birmingham, Alabama. They may not get a lot of tickets, DUIs, or crashes, but do they use their blinker, I wonder?

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