A Northeast Iowa woman's request for a deferred judgement on her charge of 1st degree theft involving a bank where she had worked, has been rejected by a judge.

29 year old Kristen Pitz of Ionia pleaded guilty to first degree theft in December of 2018. Pitz is accused of taking over $30,000 from her employer, First Citizens Bank in New Hampton, over the span of six months, in 2016.

Judge Richard Stochl turned down Pitz's request for a deferred judgement last month.
Such a deferment would remove the felony conviction after she is finished with probation.

Pitz's lawyer noted that she had no previous convictions, is a mother of 4, and her husband, David, is serving prison time for an unrelated case. He is accused of using crop proceeds for personal expenses, instead of using the money to pay on a farm credit agency loan.

The judge noted Pitz's unwillingness to take full responsibility for her actions, by blaming her behavior on her husband.

Pitz was sentenced to two to five years of probation, and must pay restitution.


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