The Midwest really likes to party... when there isn't a lot to do, partying is always a great time. Wisconsin truly leads that charge. New studies show that Wisconsin has multiple reasons to be the number one spot in the country to party hard.


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How They Got The Number

Sources used different statistics from college towns, parties, and drinking to get these rankings.

The United States is full of vibrant and exciting states that are known for their great nightlife, delicious food, amazing music, and of course, partying.

When the party is over.

Partying In Wisconsin

According to Wisconsin loves to party.

Wisconsin is known for its bustling college towns and delicious cheese curds; it’s no wonder why this state tops the list. Wisconsin has an impressive number of bars per capita, ranking third among all states. The state also consumes an average of 4 gallons of alcohol per person each year – more than any other state in America. Coupled with its strong culture of collegiate celebrations and sports fandom makes Wisconsin the perfect place to party the night away!

From drinking and wild local parties, it looks like Wisconsin really is a great spot to cut loose.

Young People Wearing Costumes Drinking Champagne

Other States Rankings

These are the top 10 biggest par

2 -North Dakota
3 -Montana
4 -Wyoming
5- South Dakota
6 -Iowa
7 -Ohio
8 -Pennsylvania
9 -Vermont
10 -Rhode Island

Do you agree with this list? Does your city or town party even harder than these states? Let us know.

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