If you're starting a new business in the Stateline, you might want to consider hosting the business in Wisconsin and not Illinois, here's why.

At some point in our lives we all dream up a business idea. Maybe you actually started a business and your dream is your reality, or maybe, like me, you think someday you'll have a fitness center that is also a bakery... Cardio and Cupcakes, don't steal my plan!

Wherever you are on your business journey, where you start that business can make a huge difference. Obviously the exact location matters, but I'm just talking about the state you chose for your business.

What State Should You Open a Business In?

If you're in the Stateline area, you're in luck because you do have a choice as to what state your business resides in. Are you leaning toward opening a business in Illinois? Or maybe Wisconsin?

It seems like your business will be the most successful if you open the business where there's a big clientele, but the cost of starting the business should be on your mind, too.

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And if you're trying to start a business on a budget, you'll be able to do more if you choose Wisconsin.

Venture Smarter recently took inventory of the cost of starting a business in each of the 50 states in the country and ranked, worst to best, considering the corporate tax rate, sales, tax rate, minimum wage, average weekly wage, average LLC filing cost, annual LLC cost, average annual commercial rent per square foot cost and labor force as percentage of population.

Why NOT to Start a Business in Illinois

After all of those factors are considered, Illinois is the fifth most expensive place to start a business in the United States! Yikes!

The crazy thing is... just a few miles away, Wisconsin is 37th most expensive, that's much, much, much, much lower on the list and in the end may result in a bigger financial gain for your company.

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