It's the question that no one wants to ask. With big events being canceled nearly every week, college football fans are staying quiet. Hoping that conditions will allow us all to gather again inside wonderful places like Kinnick Stadium. But how realistic are these hopes? Do college athletic directors even believe we'll have a season? asked 130 FBS athletic directors if they believe we'll have a college football season. 114 of them responded. The good news? 99% of ADs believe that we WILL have college football. The real issue is WHEN we will get to see it and in what form.

The Watchstadium survey found that 61% of ADs believe the season won't start until October or November. 14% think that we may have to wait until next January or February to play games. A season starting late would also mean fewer games, possibly only conference play.

One thing is for sure. An August 29th start date appears to be a dream at this point. Many large campuses have already shut down until fall. It would take a four to eight week training period to get players ready. Unfortunately, we'll have to sit and wait to find out when it's safe for players and fans to gather again.


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