Jason Aldean is usually riding shotgun when he's in the car with wife Brittany Aldean, and now we know why.

Numerous photos and videos from the pair's individual social media pages show them in a car. They may be talking or singing, and sometimes she's dancing (him not so much), but rarely is he driving. In fact, it wasn't until a recent vacation to Turks and Caicos that we got to see the superstar behind the wheel.

There was a reason for that, too.

WATCH: Why Is Brittany Always Driving Jason Aldean Around? 

On Instagram, Brittany explains that she didn't feel comfortable driving on the left side of the road in a foreign country, but that response came after many fans noticed she wasn't at the wheel this time, and went as far as to worry. For the record, there's no reason to indicate Aldean's driving record has a blemish — the 33-year-old's reason is more about her than him.

Brittany Aldean gets carsick when she's not driving. It's a fairly common problem (as her followers point out), and the solution is easy: Don't let anyone else drive. We even see a nod to the couple's arrangement in a new commercial for her line of hair extensions. The "Blame It on You" singer tosses his wife the keys to their Mercedes SUV as they head out on the town, and away they go.

The vacation to Turks and Caicos looks to have been an adult-only trip, and it likely came before she posted pictures from the vacation. Talking to Taste of Country last fall, Brittany revealed that one trick she uses on social media is to save her content until after she has left the place she's posting photos of, so nobody comes and tries to find her and her famous husband.

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