Jameson Rodgers, a Batesville, Miss., native, packed his bags and headed to Nashville in 2010. Armed with a few songs -- and, if he's being honest, some self-doubt -- he set up shop in Music City and never looked back.

Rodgers persevered, and he discovered that songwriting was just the outlet he needed to express himself. For the first time, he was fully embracing his musical talents, and was turning his unsaid thoughts and feelings into meaningful songs that resonated with listeners.

"I realized I could say stuff in a song that I would never be comfortable saying to another person in a sentence," Rodgers explains in his official bio.

A decade later, Rodgers' debut single, "Some Girls," hit No. 1 on the country radio charts. Curious to know more about him? Read on to learn about his path to music success, where he's headed next and more:

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