With confirmation from Iowa health officials the vaccine for COVID-19 is only weeks away, here's the big question: Who's going to get it first? While Iowa has no official guidance on who's eligible to be first in line, we can safely assume that Iowa will follow the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Preventions thoughts that giving the vaccine to workers in essential industries like medical, police, fire, E.MT.'s etc., plus people with certain medical conditions and people age 65 and older would make the most sense.

But then what? Will it be available to the general populous? Will Iowans be able to walk into any pharmacy or clinic and get one? Will we need paperwork proving we have it? How does the pharmacy insure the shot(s) will be in high enough supply? These are all questions that; as of now, have no answer. One thing that will likely be an issue, is storage of the vaccine. The Washington Post reports many hospitals and clinics are ordering massive freezer units to protect the Pfizer vaccine that has to be stored at a whopping -94 degrees Fahrenheit. That would essentially rule out a drive-thru COVID-19 vaccine clinic like we have the drive-thru Test Iowa and Hy-Vee sites currently being used for testing.

Whatever the case may be, with patience and diligence, there's no reason why all who wish to get vaccinated can't do so. And I think we can all agree, having our medical personnel, first responders, and seniors go first is the right thing.

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