These are the safest and least safe times to drive.

Traffic researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh analyzed a bunch of different traffic statistics and determined that 2 in the morning is the most common time of the day for fatal car crashes. The safest time to be on the road is right in the middle of morning rush hour. Even though there are more cars out on the road, the fact that everyone is going between 5-15 miles per hour, people are actually quite safe on the road.

Also, researchers found that women are considered better drivers due to the fact that they drive less than men and are not as willing to take as many risks.

The elderly are the mostly like to fall victim to a fatal car crash while the second most is a risk-taking 16 year-old male. The driver with the lowest risk of a fatal car crash is a person in the 40's-50's. The safest passenger is the baby or toddler secured in the seat during morning rush hour.

The safest day to travel on the road is Wednesday while the most dangerous day is Saturday.

Motorcycles are the most dangerous vehicle (no surprise) but the safest are (thankfully) school buses.

Finally, the safest drivers in America are from New England.

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