I'll admit it. I had my doubts about Major League Baseball playing a game at the Field of Dreams site. But was I ever wrong? What happened at the Field of Dreams Game in 2021 was pure Hollywood magic. Players from the Yankees and White Sox appeared from the corn. Kevin Coster throwing out the first pitch. And of course, a fantastic game that ended when Tim Anderson walked off a win for the White Sox. You couldn't write an ending that great.

The entire event was such an amazing success that MLB announced that they would be back for another game at the Field of Dreams in 2022. But this year's game won't feature the White Sox or the Yankees. This year we're headed to the National League Central!

The Des Moines Register reports that this year's matchup will feature the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds. The game will take place on August 11th. It will be the first game of a three-game series between the two ball clubs. Games two and three will be played in Cincinnati. If you're afraid you've missed out on tickets, it's O.K. Tickets for this year's game haven't gone on sale yet. Last year, a lottery was held for Iowans who wanted tickets for the big game. Some were then able to find tickets on sites like StubHub too, according to the Register.

This year's game will once again be televised by FOX and will no doubt be another great spotlight on The Field of Dreams and the state of Iowa!

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