Thanksgiving is here, and we'll soon be digging into a cornucopia of delicious food. My favorite part of the holidays is that everybody's traditions are different. Every family has their crowd-pleasers that must be at the table, or a recipe that's been handed down through the years--unless you're me, whose cranberry sauce recipe involves opening a can.

Food site The Kitchn analyzed Google searches from this month to find the most popular Thanksgiving recipes in every state.

Stuffing (or dressing, depending on where you come from) was #1 in 14 states, just not Iowa. And "soup" was the most-common search in FIVE states (Seriously? If you try to give me soup on Thanksgiving I'll pour it over your head).

As for the Hawkeye State...casserole earned the top spot.

It wasn't specific as to which kind, but that leaves you with a great deal of possibilities. Sweet potato casserole? Corn casserole? Green bean casserole? Squash casserole? The world is your oyster (which people seem to like in their stuffing).

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