In a shocking turn of events, the Houston Astros were told today that the investigation into the 2017 cheating scandal has been concluded and that manager AJ Hinch, born in Waverly, and general manager Jeff Luhnow would be suspended until the end of the 2020 postseason. The Astros were also informed that they would be losing their first and second-round picks in the 2020 and 2021 drafts. The Astros were also smacked with the maximum fine of $5 million, plus their former assistant general manager was put on baseball's ineligible list.

Also important: Even though multiple players were named during the investigation and there is clear evidence of them being complicit in the cheating, there will be no player suspensions stemming from the scandal at this time.

All of this was announced in a document released by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred who thrashed Houstons front office culture saying it has been, 'very problematic.'

Because of the suspensions and the obvious lack of integrity shown from both Luhnow and Hinch as they've led the ship for the Astros through the controversy the Owner and Chairman of the Houston Astros have fired both men.

The Cedar Valley born Hinch grew up in Nashua until he was 8 when his family moved to California.
(Via Total Sports Wire)


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