A Cedar Valley native returned to the popular competition show for a second year in a row.

Last year, he fell a bit short early on...

This year, he came back with a bang!

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A few months ago we shared the news that 10 athletes from the Cedar Falls Ninja U would be competing in the current season of 'America Ninja Warrior.' The episode that they would be featured on aired on Monday, June 20th.

Here are all of the competitors that came from Ninja U this year:

Scott Behrends

Behrends is the owner of Ninja U. He previously competed in season 11 of 'America Ninja Warrior'.

Chris Behrends 

Scott's nephew and a Ninja U coach. He competed in the 13th season of 'America Ninja Warrior'.

Ella Sankey  

This will be Sankey's rookie season!  She is a freshman at UNI and has been training with the gym since the very beginning.                                                                                                       

Jackson Twait

Twait has appeared on the show several times over the past few years. He appeared in seasons 11, 12, and 13 of the show. Last season he even hit the Mega Wall!                                                                                                              

Jon Klippenstein

Klippenstein is another coach from the Ninja U gym. He also is a sophomore at UNI.                                                                                             

Drew Nester

Nester is a former coach at Ninja U and is a first-time competitor on the show.

Ben Behrends

Behrends is the youngest competitor in this Cedar Falls bunch. At 15 years old the teenager has proven himself to be a strong athlete. Not only is he the son of the Ninja U gym owner, but he is also a coach. In addition, Behrends already competed on a different form of the show when he appeared on the first season of 'America Ninja Warrior Junior.'

Check out his reaction to getting the call here.

Isaiah Barney

Barney is a coach at the Cedar Falls Ninja U and previously competed on the show during the 12th season a few years back.

Tim Gallenbeck

Gallenback is a resident of Marion, but trains in Cedar Falls. One of the newer gym-goers, the Marion man actually just started giving Ninja U a try when he saw the Iowa ninjas competing on the show last year.


Levi Enright also came from this top-notch group of athletes from the Cedar Falls gym.

You probably have heard of this Waverly native before. Enright is also a coach at Ninja U and competed on the 13th season of the show. However, you might remember him as the young man who tried to break a world record for doing the most pull-ups in 24 hours.

He actually needed to go to the hospital after trying to beat the record by doing 4,500 pull-ups in 11 hours and 19 minutes! Luckily, he was alright and has since been back at the gym gearing up for his most recent challenge, the 14th season of 'America Ninja Warrior.'

Last year, he fell early on in the course at the log runners. When it came time for him to choose between those runners and the other obstacle in the course, he bravely chose the logs.

After conquering that he ended up going up against the "Mega Wall" and absolutely crushing it! He was the only athlete that night to reach it and win $10,000.

You can watch the full video below!

He wasn't the only successful Iowan last night. Chris Behrends also qualified and had the fastest time of the night!

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