Another day, another Waterloo resident winning the lottery. I don't know what's in the water, but I need a big gulp. Just last week another Waterloo woman won $100,000 dollars from a scratch off ticket book. Now, another one is winning because she thought the game had an interesting look.

Let me explain.

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Waterloo resident Melanie Wagner won a $30,000 prize for playing the Iowa lottery. Wagner bought her winning ticket, a 'Lucky 3' scratch off game at the Metro Mart in Waterloo. She bought three of them because of the eye-catching design.

“It was bright pink so it was kind of glowing in the case, calling out to me,” Wagner explained.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Of course the winning ticket was the third and final one she scratched off. Wagner could not believe her eyes when she saw the huge prize. She thought she read the rules wrong.

“So I re-read the directions again, I immediately started shaking and I scanned it with the app, and sure enough, it was correct," Wagner said.

“You always hope it’s going to happen. I always, in my heart of hearts, thought it might happen someday, but not this soon. It’s super exciting.”

IA Lottery
IA Lottery

Melanie isn't sure what she wants to do with her winnings just yet, but she's looking forward to figuring it out.

“I just can’t wait to hear how everyone else tells me I should spend it,” said the lottery winner.

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