I recently had a friend who lives in Minnesota ask me about the Mexican restaurant options in the Cedar Valley. He's going to be driving though the area in a week or so on a road trip to Missouri (he doesn't want to fly during the pandemic) and thought he'd spend a night here, order from an area Mexican restaurant and hit the road the next day. I suggested a couple and he said, "what about Blue Iguana? Google Maps says it's closed... is that for now or forever?" I was surprised since I didn't realize they were closed. I had to confirm. I went to their Facebook page... it's been deleted. Well it turns out they closed are and closed for good.

According to the Courier, Blue Iguana not only closed down quietly, but did so after snagging a $14,000 Small Business Relief grant back mid-April. That came from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Even more mysterious, Blue Iguana was located inside the Courtyard by Marriott. If you go to their hotel website, they now listed a place called 'The Bistro' listed where Blue Iguana was previously. There's no indication what that restaurant will serve, or when it will even open.

So when exactly did Blue Iguana close? What will become of the $14K grant? Likely it will be used to fund the new restaurant. Fingers crossed this one sticks around for a while. Blue Iguana opened at the end of 2018.

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