The Waterloo Regional Airport continues to maintain competitive airfare compared with other Iowa markets.

Airfares from Waterloo Regional Airport remain very competitive with other Iowa airports. A January 2017 airfare comparison review was completed by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation. This comparison gives a snapshot of airfares to 12 popular U.S. destinations. The report shows fares from Waterloo to be competitive with Iowa’s two largest airports. ALO leisure fares were found to be lower, the same, or within a few dollars of Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and other regional airports in Iowa.

“When calculating the cost of a passengers’ time, wear and tear on their vehicle, the cost of fuel roundtrip, traffic delays, the time to find and the higher daily cost of parking, getting checked into their flight, moving through longer security lines – and often times adverse winter weather—flying ALO is cost-effective and convenient. Plus, service to Chicago O’Hare on American Airlines provides nearly an endless list of domestic and international connections from one of the best gateway airports in the U.S.” - Keith Kaspari, Airport Director of Waterloo Regional Airport

Kaspari explains that airport staff continues to monitor leisure, business and walk-up airfares, compare with larger regional airports and work to keep airfares from Waterloo as competitive as possible.

“We work with officials at American Airlines to help achieve a competitive balance for all classes of airfare. Increases in passengers using the airport for both business and leisure travel and continued increases in the overall load factor of aircraft over an extended period of time will help prove to American Airlines that Waterloo is an excellent location for expanding their current flight schedule.” - Keith Kaspari.

City and Airport officials thank American Airlines and loyal travelers throughout the greater Cedar Valley region for their continued support of Waterloo Regional Airport.

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