Of the top mini golf courses in the country, one of them is in Waterloo.

Mini golf is so much fun, admittedly, a buddy of mine and I were in a mini golf league one summer. It also goes so deep that I was on a road trip from Minneapolis to Memphis the summer of 2014 and one of the "rules of the road trip" was: "If there is a miniature golf course on the side of the road, we have to stop and play."

USA Today did an article about the best and most unique miniature golf courses in the country.  Waterloo's own The Lost Island made the top 27 list. USA Today said, "Take a tropical vacation without ever leaving Waterloo, Iowa, when you tee off on Lost Island's 36 holes of adventure golf on two courses. The courses' challenging 36 holes - 18 of which are handicap accessible - are set amidst waterfalls and island ruins." The 'Adventure Golf' and Lost Island will only be open on the weekends until the season ends September 30th.

Experience Waterloo did a great video to Lost Island for their "Travel Waterloo" segments. They even use the hashtag, #IDIGWATERLOO.

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