It's hard to list all the ways you can potentially get stopped in traffic in Iowa. There are regular driving and road things like construction, other drivers, etc. But, you also have to account for possibilities that other parts of America don't have to think about. That includes a rather large flock of geese that brought vehicles to a standstill in Des Moines recently.

I'm not sure exactly where this happened in Des Moines, but you can bet your bottom dollar it was near a lake or pond. I can't remember a time here in Iowa where I went on a walk with my family near water when there wasn't a duck or goose hanging out.

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I counted a whopping 24 geese including the young ones in this video. If you watch until the end, you'll see some drama involving one of the young birds having issues trying to get over the curb.

Yes, you can get stopped by a lot of things in our part of America. If it's planting or harvest season, it could be farm implements. Sometimes it's construction thanks to the hard-working people at IDOT. It could be someone from Nebraska visiting their redneck cousin here and not knowing where to go. Now, you can add a squad of geese to reasons you might be late to work.

We wouldn't want it any other way.

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