The following post contains SPOILERS for WandaVision Episode 7.

If you’ve gotten used to skipping over those 10 minutes of credits at the end of every episode of WandaVision (seriously, why are the credits for this show so long???), take note: This week, there’s a post-credits scene. And you definitely do not want to miss it.

For one thing, it answers one of Episode 7’s biggest unanswered questions: What the hell happened to Evan Peters’ Quicksilver? Last we saw of Pietro in Episode 6, he ticked off his sister by making a crack about her “dead husband” Vision. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) tossed him away using her mutant powers, but only into a pile of Halloween decorations. She didn’t throw him entirely out of Westview the way she did to Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) back on Episode 3. Pietro should still be around somewhere.

Instead, Pietro never appears during the main episode, although Wanda does refer to him when she tells her kids “that man is not your uncle.” Pietro finally shows up after the end credits, as Monica snoops around Agnes’ house, looking for Wanda.


Just before the credits, Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) pulls Wanda away from a big emotional confrontation with Monica. Once in Agnes’ house, Wanda becomes curious what happened to her kids, who were supposed to be there while she took a “staycation” alone at home. She goes into the basement, where Agnes reveals she’s actually Agatha Harkness, a famous witch from Marvel Comics.

Monica opens a cellar door on the side of Agnes’ house — note the purple flowers on either side — and finds more purple vines pulsing with energy inside. Before she can investigate further, she’s caught by none other than Pietro. “Snoopers gonna snoop,” he says.


Pietro startles Monica, and as she turns to look at him the camera cuts very briefly to a close-up on Teyonah Parris’ face. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but if you’re watching carefully, you’ll notice that Monica’s eyes are now the same shade of purple as the flowers and the vines in Agatha’s basement.


Monica’s eyes glowed blue when she first entered Westview; she was unintentionally using her new powers to look through the energy spectrum. (Spectrum, by the way, was one of the character’s old comic-book superhero aliases, as she could control all forms of light.) So she could be using that same power to investigate the source of this weird purple energy. Or maybe Agnes is already using the same mind-control powers she is using on Pietro. (Agnes’ eyes glow purple when she messes with Wanda’s mind in this episode.) Either way, it’s a pretty damn good tease for WandaVision Episode 8. It premieres on Friday, February 26 on Disney+.

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