The Fayette County Sheriff's Office is investigating 2 traffic accidents in which the vehicles ended up in ditches, breaking utility poles.

The first one was reported at about 10:45pm Friday (July 2), when the sheriff received a 911 call, reporting a vehicle in the ditch in the 3,000 block of Rose Road, a half mile west of Oelwein.

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A sport utility vehicle driven by 36 year old Melissa Spicer of Oelwein, was eastbound when she lost control. The Jeep went sideways in the road, entered the ditch, struck an electric pole, which caused the vehicle to roll. It ended up in a dried-up creek. The electric pole was snapped in two, which caused electric wires to fall, and temporarily cut power to the area. Spicer, along with two juveniles in the vehicle, sustained serious injuries. They were taken to MercyOne Hospital in Oelwein.

Strong Vehicle. Photo from Fayette County Sheriff
Strong Vehicle. Photo from Fayette County Sheriff

The other accident happened at about 10:45pm Sunday (July 4), on Cedar Road, about 3 miles south of Elgin. 36 year old Loren Strong of Elgin was driving north, when he lost control and drove into the ditch. The vehicle struck a telephone pole, splitting it in half. The 2020 Chrysler Van was totaled. Strong was taken to the West Union hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Both accidents remain under investigation.

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