The ride sharing app Uber is now better in the Cedar Valley.

Uber is all about convience. No more waiting for a cab to come by and then hoping it's looking for a fare. All you need to do is request a ride and then the driver comes directly to you.

If there was one complaint, it would be the time it takes to wait for your ride to show up. This is tolerable if you are at the bar and you request a ride and then can hang out until the car shows up, but what if you are you running late for a flight or a meeting? Then it becomes a struggle watching the car on the app slowly get closer and closer.

You can kiss that problem goodbye. Uber has no announced that in the Cedar Valley, you can now book a ride up to 30 days in advance. If you know you are going to the airport in 2 weeks, you can schedule your ride to be outside your door waiting for you to jump in. You just tap the schedule icon and put in the time for your pick-up. You could schedule your pick up for bar close. It's a small change that makes Uber a lot better.

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