No makeup? No problem for Trisha Yearwood. The singer shared a post-workout selfie on social media one day after sharing a full-glam picture, just to show what her real life is like.

"Yes!" actor Kimberly Williams-Paisley says in the comments. "This is awesome. Thank you for posting!"

Singer Sunny Sweeney says Yearwood is her "hero," and hundreds of non-famous fans and followers also chimed in with a similar sentiment.

"Thank you for posting this," @stevensoncydne says. "I think it's so amazing when people share pictures of them as 'themselves' if you will. Love it. Beautiful."

See the no-glam selfie below, followed by the reason Yearwood felt compelled to share.

This picture came eight hours after Yearwood posted a selfie from a photoshoot. "I had great lighting, and a filter!" she captions, referring to the first picture (seen below).

"It’s important for you to know that I have dream days like that, and I also have really 'real' days like tonight ... this is me, after a hard workout with my trainer, no glam, no lighting, no filter. Love you guys!!"

The response to the first picture was also extremely positive, with singer Caitlyn Smith and TV star Ree Drummond among the famous responders. Perhaps lost in all of this is that Yearwood is working on ... something. The singer's photoshoot was for a yet-to-be-announced project, which is something else to celebrate.

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