Travis Denning celebrates cold beer across his new, easy-to-digest country-rock anthem "Where That Beer's Been." The "After a Few" singer doesn't even tell you why he's heavy drinking during a blue collar celebration that's sure to catch on quick.

It's 100 percent fair to call "Where That Beer's Been" the "Beer Never Broke My Heart" of 2020, only with Denning leading the catchy singalong instead of Luke Combs. The guzzler would have been fun to see live this summer — dang you, coronavirus! — and Denning's stage chops surely would have amplified his message across festival grounds. A funky little guitar lick drives the groove before a big, familiar arrangement gets to the chorus.

Denning is proving to be skilled in the art of writing about cold beer, as those who've downloaded his new EP can attest. He's able to get his skillful guitar playing across in subtle ways, even with a Betty basic arrangement. Mainstream radio has not quite built the patience for a 16-bar solo from the Georgia native, but along with his production team he's clearing room for one in the future. "Where That Beer's Been" was written by Denning with Rhett Akins, Chris Stevens and Jeremy Stover.

Did You Know?: Denning is quarantining with his girlfriend Madison Montgomery, daughter to John Michael Montgomery.

Travis Denning, "Beer's Better Cold" Lyrics: 

I don’t know who bottled it up or who put on that label / All I know is I ordered it up and it’s sittin’ on my table / Who knows how many trucks it hitched a ride on / How many shelves it spent the night on / ‘Fore they put it on ice / And put it on my tab tonight.

I don’t know where that beer’s been / But I know where it’s goin’ / Into my hand, up to my lips / Second I crack it open / Gonna tip it, sip it, crush it, kill it / Get my sideways showin’ / I don’t know where that beer’s been but I know where / I know where it’s goin’.

Coulda been brewed in Colorado, Milwaukee or St. Louie / But the only thing on my mind right now is what it’s gonna do to me.

Repeat Chorus

Down the hatch / To my brain / Till I don’t know my last name / Up in the air / Clankin’ ‘round / When it’s gone there’s another one goin’ down.

Repeat Chorus

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