Waterloo will be the first city in Black Hawk County to use automated traffic enforcement cameras.

On a 6-1 vote, the city council passed an ordinance allowing the use of the controversial devices Monday night (Aug. 7, 2017). Officials hope to install about a dozen red light cameras at dangerous intersections within three months. Police plan to use mobile devices to catch speeders.

Drivers who are photographed running a red light or caught speeding would face fines of $50 to $75 for first offense, depending on the violation. The vehicle's registered owner would receive the ticket. The citations, however, won't impact driving records.

While Waterloo will be the first city to operate automatic traffic cameras in Black Hawk County, it's the second local municipality to approve their use. Elk Run Heights passed a measure last fall that would have allowed the installation of speed enforcement devices, but the fixed photo cameras never went up. Instead, city leaders opted to erect stop signs at three main intersections to keep traffic slowed down.

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