Trace Adkins offers up a classic, solid-gold country heartache ballad in his newest release, the fittingly titled "Heartbreak Song." Written by Greg Crowe, Johnny Garcia and Adam Wood, the track is a brooding rumination on love gone bad, and a plea for the kind of comfort only traditional country music can offer a broken heart.

"Nobody's singing 'bout love gone wrong / Or being as lonely as the night is long," Adkins mourns in the chorus. "I like a party in a truck / Every bit as much as the next guy / But come on, she's gone / And sometimes you need a heartbreak song ..."

"Heartbreak Song" is the lead-off track from a new album, Adkins' 13th studio record to date. He's working on it as he nears the 25th anniversary of the release of his debut project, Dreamin' Out Loud.

"There's nothing else like it," Adkins says of the music-making process. "That is still my favorite thing in the world to do in this business: Go into the studio with some lyrics and a melody and then let the finest musicians in the world help turn it into something magical. It liberates me."

Set to arrive later in 2021, the new album will follow on the heels of the singer's 2020 EP, Ain't That Kind of Cowboy. While he's not sharing too many details about the new project, Adkins says in a statement that making the new record was in part a celebration of his milestone quarter century in the music business, and he enlisted some country star pals to help him celebrate.

"I also can’t wait to share some exciting new collaborations with some of the friends I’ve made throughout my career,” Adkins hints. “Getting together with folks in the studio has been a fun way to reflect on the last 25 years and makes me look forward to 25 more.”

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