Several Iowa cities broke record low temperatures on Wednesday morning. Now we're looking at EVEN COLDER temperatures and more broken records for Thursday morning.

But will this ridiculously cold weather stop those guys that wear shorts EVERY DAY of the year? (despite the weather) According to this totally TONGUE-IN-CHEEK article from The Hard Times the answer is YES!

We all know "that guy", he wears shorts all winter long in complete defiance of "Mother Nature". In interest of self-preservation, I would hope these guys, at least consider, wearing pants for the next couple of days. In God's name, please stop trying to prove you're a tough guy. The article also mentions leading climatologist Alberta Gutierrez stating that "“Guys who only own shorts are fully clothing themselves because of unprecedented, rapid shifts in temperature. We could be facing an extinction-level event."

Speaking of endangered, how will this freezing cold weather effect other "species"? I'm talking about the gals who wear FLIP-FLOPS (with their bare feet exposed) all winter long. And, what about all of those teenagers who REFUSE to wear a winter coat? Because, they're just "too cool" for it. Or, how about the teenage girls that follow that up by wearing their (very fashionable I'm sure) jeans with GIANT holes in their knees? And lastly, what about the people (guys and gals) who wear those flimsy "pajama pants" to drop their kids off at school or go shopping at Wal-Mart? Will all of these people be forced to change their habits for at least the next couple of days? I hope so.

Don't worry, with temperatures predicted in the lower 40's for Saturday and Sunday, I'm sure we'll see all of these "species" back in full force!

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