Toby Keith's new song "Old School" is from a trio of new school songwriters. Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd teamed to write his new single years ago.

Brett Tyler is the third writer on the song, and on his Soundcloud page you can find a demo from 2014, with vocals cut by Hurd. The track is set for release at digital streaming providers on Friday (June 25) and will be part of Keith's next studio album this fall. He says he liked the message, but really appreciated the rap-like patter of each verse, as it reminded him of his song "I Wanna Talk About Me."

Conceptually, that hit from 2001 and "Old School" aren't the same kind of song, even if the groove is similar. The newer single is a feel-good, looking back summer jam that remembers a time before a Walmart centered every city, when couples married young and stuck together through the highs and lows.

Look for Keith to release more new music next week. He says he wrote a song called "Happy Birthday America" in July 2020 after reflecting on a "screwed up 18 months." His last studio album was 35 MPH Town, released in 2015.

Did You Know?: "Old School" is the second years-old, Morris and Hurd co-write to be released to radio in 2021. The couple's duet "Chasing After You" is currently inside the Top 40 on airplay charts.

Toby Keith's "Old School" Lyrics:

Back in the high school / Yeah they’re so cool / Letterman jackets in the parking lot / Draggin’ on a Camel Light / Back behind the five and dime / Praying that they never get caught / Everybody’s gonna fish fry Saturday night because if you call one you gotta call ‘em all / Crusing down the Main Street, driving through the Dairy Queen, ain’t got a Walmart, ain’t got a mall.

We’re old school / Small town sticking around just like folks used to / The good ol’ boys and girls / Falling in love / Living the life / Middle of nowhere feels about right / Keeping it old school / Just the way we like.

Married by 19 / Two pawn shop rings / Ain’t a big city but it sure is nice / Blue collar six pack / Work hard laid back / Sitting on the front porch, drop on by / Picking on a six string, living on a shoestring / Ain’t got much but we don’t care / Needle on a record, don’t get it any better like Whoa-oh, we’re halfway there.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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