After being cooped up indoors all winter long, the hint of spring weather is a welcome feeling for anyone living in the Midwest. Soon we'll be able to spend more time outdoors and enjoy everything that Spring in Iowa has to offer. With the return of green grass, flowers, and tree buds, animals also make their return, including an amazing little bird that soon will return to our state by the thousands!

We're, of course, talking about hummingbirds. These fascinating little birds will soon be returning to the state by the thousands after migrating to South and Central America, according to OnlyInYourState. But as the weather begins to warm in the Midwest, the hummingbirds come back, usually starting in April. Why do they return in such high numbers? Food!

The spring blooming flowers in Iowa are a major food source for hummingbirds. OnlyInYourState reports that the Blue Flag Iris is one of their favorites. These amazing birds flap their wings 3,000 times per minute, so they need all the food they can get! When the spring blooms are gone, sometimes food can get hard to find. If you still want to see hummingbirds, look no farther than a hummingbird feeder.


The nectar found in feeders like these helps keep hummingbirds floating right before our eyes! OnlyInYourState suggests that if you want to help feed hummingbirds, avoid nectar with artificial dyes. You can also plant hummingbird-friendly plants and flowers on your property too. We already told you about Blue Flag Iris. Hummingbirds also enjoy trumpet vines and butterfly bushes.

The hummingbird migration is about to begin! Let's prepare to welcome back these amazing little fliers back to the Hawkeye State!



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