Thomas Rhett's Home Team Tour '23 is underway, cruising from city to city. The superstar's wife, Lauren, comes on the road with him when she is able, so they get to have some non-kid times to themselves, too.

Rhett took to his Instagram recently to show off what happened when his wife Lauren had a few hours to herself on that huge tour bus: She organized all of his tour hats by color! Let's not ignore how many hats are here:

He has a ton of hats, but let's be honest, Rhett basically wears a hat almost every day of his life, especially when performing, so he probably hasn't even shown us a quarter of the hats he owns. You have to also remember that a summer tour is extremely hot and sweaty, and you can't really wash a hat after it gets sweaty and stinky (that messes up the structure of said hat), so he needs plenty of options.

One of the first comments on this Instagram post is from Rhett's tourmate, Cole Swindell, who says: "I got one to add to it from yesterday lol looks like you need it." This comment alone from Swindell has garnered over 500 likes from fans.

Another follower of Rhett's, named @RhettWalker, writes, "I see- Supportive wife saying, you need more. You only have a few of this color. That’s a free pass to buy more."

One follower, @mikaela_gangaloo98, was jokingly confused, writing, "I thought this was a pop up shop."

One thing's for sure, if you catch two Rhett tour stops on his Home Team Tour '23, you probably won't be seeing him in the same hat twice. Thomas Rhett is on tour all the way through September.

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