I cannot start my day without a cup of Joe. Erm, or three. For me, I always add dairy free creamer. But is that normal? I guess kiiiinda. Zippia surveyed Americans and found how each state likes their coffee. The results for Iowa?

Coffee with cream and sugar

Which isn't very unique. 41 other states also elected to take their coffee the same way. 5 states choose black and two picked iced coffee. Oh, and Vermont is the only state that answered 'lattes'. Fancy schmancy!

Some other quick tidbits from the study:

  • Seven in 10 adults in America drink coffee.
  • 49% of coffee drinkers have two to three cups a day. 45% keep it to one cup. While 6% have at least four cups a day. WOW.
  • Half of us make coffee at home now. The average cup at a coffee shop is $3. Meaning if you buy coffee five days a week, that's about $780 a year. Less than one in five people said they take advantage of free coffee at work.Um, yeah cuz it's usually been sitting out for hours!
  • The top reasons we drink coffee are to stay awake because we like the flavor, and to help us stay focused. I get that!
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