When I say 'Iowa landmark', what do you think? The Herbert Hoover National Historic Site? The Effigy Mounds? What about tugboats? Mhmm. Iowa actually has several tugboats designated as national landmarks. Surprisingly, one that bears the state's name is NOT even in Iowa! I KNOW, weird, right?

Let me explain, according to the website GL Tugs (Great Lake tugs, like tugboats), The Iowa was built by The Great Lakes Towing Company in Cleveland, Ohio. The boat was 'born' in 1915. It was originally a steam-powered tugboat but was converted to diesel in 1951. And wouldn't you know it, it's still in service today in Ashtabula, Ohio where it assists ships in that area.

The steel red and green boat was named after our state, but other than that, seems to have zero connection to it. It's a rather short boat, at 81 feet in length. It's only 17.5 feet tall and has a capacity of 66 tons. (see a photo of it here) Cool to see a vessel bearing the state's name still in service. Just a shame she'll never see the state she's named after.

Want more? Here's a shot of her in action, pulling a humungous boat. And another - with help from the Illinois.

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