Because of everything we've been through in 2020, I think people in the Cedar Valley and northeast Iowa are really into Christmas time. More specifically, they must be really into decorating, because most stores are wiped out of this old "go-to" decorating item.

Is it just me, or are a regular old strand of 100 standard multi-color lights sets hard to find in stores? I'm not even asking for the ones with white wire...I was just looking for the usual ones with green wire (like the ones in the photo below). Now, I am completely aware that we're a week away from Santa's big night, Christmas eve, but I didn't think a couple of boxes of 100 standard multi-color lights would be that hard to find.

Understand, I was on a mission, I have several home-made "Christmas trees" in my front yard with strands of lights that went out. You know, the kind where you slap a couple of 2x4's together for a base and run a pole up the middle? Anyway, it's not acceptable in my book, to have a "shabby" looking display. So, I jumped in the car, and what I thought would be a 10-minute trip to the nearest Dollar General store, turned into SEVEN stores later before I finally found the last three boxes of 100 standard multi-color lights on a shelf in the Christmas aisle. Note: just about every store, still has dozens of 100 standard CLEAR light sets, they're obviously not anywhere near as popular at the multi-color. However, as mentioned, I think more people are decorating this year, because many stores "Christmas lights' aisles are bare.

I'm no Clark Griswold (from the Christmas Vacation movie) when it comes to exterior illumination, and I can't compete with these experts that are part of our Complete List of Area Christmas Light Shows and Displays, but I think I have a nice little display, that keeps me plenty busy (replacing burnt out lights) and most importantly keeps me in the "Christmas spirit" and that's all that matters.

Mark Lewin


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