Are you a James Bond villain? Are you the lead antagonist in a Marvel movie? If yes, then I have the apartment for you! It's a luxurious pre-war penthouse on the market for $39,000,000 in New York City!

This spot was featured in a YouTube video by Architectural Digest on March 24th, and it's been viral ever since with countless people reacting to it.

The YouTube description is as follows,

"Today Architectural Digest takes you to the Upper East Side of Manhattan to visit a luxurious pre-war penthouse on the market for $39,000,000. The Marquand at 11 East 68th Street is immediately adjacent to Madison Avenue and its array of high-end shops, while the magnificent Central Park waits right outside your door. With 2600 ft. of outdoor terrace situated minutes from the best the city has to offer, whether downtown or up, 11 East 68th Street is urban life at its most refined."

The price alone is wild, but the video gave major super villain vibes.

Nothing looks comfortable in this place. It looks super nice, but I would never feel "at home." Not to mention with how much marble is in there I would always be worried about it collapsing! It must way a ton.

Supervillain Home

This may be the most beautiful and most evil-looking home I have ever seen. What do you think? Would you live in this 39 million dollar home?
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Would you ever live in this spot, and if so which super hero are you fighting? Architectural Digest is self-described as,

The leading international design authority, Architectural Digest features articles and videos of the best in architecture, style, culture, travel, and shopping.

More videos can be found here.

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