So I was cruising Reddit as I often do and I came across a funny or, maybe strange is the right word, category within the r/Iowa Reddit. Funny city nicknames. Some were relevant to whatever the city has to offer. Some were just play on words... a couple are legit funny. Others, offensive and crass. I'll share some of the more PG, maybe PG-13 ones here and you can vote on which are worthy and which are... Not so worthy. Bear in mind, some of these writers could be 12.

Cedar Falls - Cedar Fails

Charles City - Chuck Town or Upchuck City

Clarksville - Clarkansas

Evansdale - Evansfail (Do I sense a theme?)

Des Moines - Dead Moines (Not in Northeast Iowa but, it is our capital so it makes the list)

Denver - Dumbver or The Mile Wide

Dubuque - Don't Puke (Not exactly in the area but, made me laugh what with the river smells and all)

Fort Dodge - Dirty Dodge

Janesville - J-Ville

Hudson - Mudson

Nashua - Trashua

Oelwein - Old-wein

Readlyn - Breedlyn

Tripoli - T-town

Waterloo - Waterpoo (this one made me snicker cuz I'm 9)

Are there any Reddit missed?

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