Sometimes you just see a costume in person or even online that makes you just go, "oh no."

Yes, we understand the "sensitive climate" we live in 2018, and as much as we are sick of walking on eggshells, sometimes people have the right to be offended.

Today I found a story from where they cowered Pintrest and saw there are actually a lot of horrible costumes online. The article is 15 Offensive Halloween Costumes You Should Never Wear.

As an example, I'm going to give you some of the more tame costumes and then let you see the link for the rest.

  • Anything involving blackface
  • A terrorist
  • Zombie versions of recently deceased celebrities
  •  O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson (still...)
  • A homeless person

These are just some of the costumes on this list. To see all 15 costumes (which are much worse) click here.

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