The Oelwein Police Department reports several various arrests over the weekend.

At about 1:45am today (Monday, May 3) an Oelwein man was taken into custody following an incident in the 400 block of East Charles. 25 year old Elaxander Wolf was arrested on a Fayette County warrant for the original charges of Violation of a No-Contact Order.

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Also at about 1:45 this morning, Oelwein Police summonsed to court 28 year old Baylee Stammeyer of Oelwein for a charge of Violation of a No-Contact order.

At about 4am Sunday, 31 year old Brady Bordner of Oelwein was arrested in the 100 block of 2nd Avenue for Operating While Intoxicated.

Sunday afternoon, 31 year old Megan McAllister of Oelwein was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance-Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Public Intoxication, in the 100 block of South Frederick.

Just before 7pm Sunday, officers were called to the 300 block of 8th Avenue southwest, on the report of Criminal Mischief.


Late Sunday night, officers were summoned to the 10 block of 6th Avenue NE to investigate a traffic accident. An unknown vehicle crashed into a Lincoln MKZ, owned by Christopher Henderson. No injuries reported.

On Saturday, just before 4pm, police were called to the 10 block of North Frederick for a report of a theft.

At about 8:30pm Saturday, 44 year old Michael Pepin of Oelwein was arrested for Child Stealing, Assault Causing Serious Injury, 2 counts of Going Armed with Intent, Child Endangerment, and Reckless Driving. The arrest was made after an incident in the Oelwein City Park Campground.

And at about 10:30pm Friday, Oelwein Police responded to the report of a domestic dispute in the 1100 block of 1st Avenue SW. As a result, 41 year old Kamie Voges of Oelwein was taken into custody for Domestic Abuse Assault.

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