Reba McEntire was faced with a hard decision during Monday (Oct. 23) night’s episode of The Voice.

The country legend was faced with deciding which of her two team members, either Ms. Monet or CORii, would advance in the competition. Thankfully for McEntire, she was able to see the two hopefuls exchange lyrics and share the stage before making the choice.

During their time on the stage CORii and Ms. Monet took turns with Patti LaBelle’s “New Attitude,” hitting solos, commanding the stage and coming together for rich, layered harmonies. Although the pair was singing for their place in the singing competition, both seemed to wish well for the other, singing into each other’s eyes and closing out the number with a hug.

Coach Niall Horran applauded CORii’s performance so much that he questioned why he didn’t turn his chain during the Blinds. He went on to say that Ms. Monet commanded the song so well, if someone didn’t know, they could have thought the LaBelle classic was her song.

McEntire told the women how much she enjoyed their performance and said that the pair could hit the road as a duo right now. "Oh my gosh, I was just so proud of you both," she gushed. "You came out with such confidence. You were a team.

"I don't like this part!" the rookie coach added, faced with a near-impossible decision during her first-ever Battle Rounds experience.

Despite having affection for both of the talented singers, McEntire crowned Ms. Monet as the winner.

Good news was in store for CORii, however! Right before she left the stage, both Horran and Gwen Stefani pressed their “steal” buttons, hoping to snag her for their teams. Now holding the power, CORii picked Stefani as her new coach.

CORii and Ms. Monet are now headed to the knockout rounds! The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM EST on NBC.

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