As Summer comes to an end, I went up to Adventureland to soak up a few more fun days at the park. I grew up going here and have been to this park at least once a year since I was 4. It plays a huge part in my life, and it is always fun to see the new and old rides they have.

Source: Jake Truemper Townsquare media
Source: Jake Truemper Townsquare media

The history of this park is very Iowan as well.

Construction of Adventureland Park began in 1973 on a site formerly occupied by a small airport in Des Moines, active in the 1920s until a larger municipal airport was built in 1933 at a different location. The area was later used for farming until Adventureland's construction broke ground.

Its grand opening was scheduled for July 1974, but the park suffered light damage from a tornado, delaying the opening until late August.

Now let's take a look at the top ten rides:

The Best Adventureland Rides

Many of us grew up with these rides, while others are very new additions to the park. Which ride is your favorite?

Which ride is your favorite? I left out a lot of great ones, but love each one for a different reason. Adventureland will always be my go to spot every Summer.

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This park has over 50 attractions, so there is always something to do!

Main street has also been a favorite of mine growing up.

All of Main Street was rebuilt when the park opened in April 2011 and featured an even larger arcade with an indoor ride. The park's Scrambler ride, previously known as the Wrangler, was brought out of storage and moved to the G-Force's location after the G-Force was moved into the Main Street arcade.

Let us know your favorite part of the park!

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