Who says motivational videos are just for adults? Actor and professional wrestler the Rock shared a clip of him pumping up his little girl. She's 2 years old.

Little Tiana is in her daddy's arms as he works her through some daily affirmations. "Can you say, 'I'm a pretty girl'?" he asks. She can, with ease.

"Even more importantly than that, can you say 'I'm an awesome girl'?"

"Awesome girl," she answers before repeating "smart girl" and "very smart girl" as best she can. The cutest moment is toward the end as the Rock (real name: Dwayne Johnson) encourages her to say, "I can do anything."

Tiana is the youngest of the Rock's three daughters. The 48-year-old has over 200 million followers on Instagram and another 15 million on Twitter, and he's proud to show off his family between clips of workout routines, promotional videos and pictures of his favorite cheat meals. His new show, Young Rock, premiered on NBC in February and (according to the Wrap) had the largest digital premiere of any comedy in the history of the network.

Before the clip closes, Johnson looks around to see if the little girl's mother is around and then asks for some affirmation he can take with him. Her response is savage.

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