Hello folks! Jessie Woodward here and if you are reading this, that means that you have found The Hangry Iowa Foodie Column. Good work! So, since this is the first recipe in the series, I want to tell you a little bit about what you can expect in this column before we hit the kitchen and strap on our aprons. 

  • Good food - but I suppose that’s a given 
  • Some laughs - most at my own expense 
  • Easy to make delicious recipes - where skillet meals are a must! 

Since we’ve gotten that out of the way. Just a few other tips and tricks while reading though one of The Hangry Iowa Foodie Column recipes. 

  • I usually do not give measurements for salt. Salt is like my love language - food needs salt, but different types of food require different amounts of salt. So here is the best advice I can give you, taste and salt as you cook. You will know when the meal you’re cooking is properly seasoned because you will get that “zing” on the tip of your tongue. You know, the zing that makes you do a spoon drop in the middle of your kitchen and start to dance around the island? The zing is the perfect balance between bland and too salty. 
  • Most of these meals, if not all of these meals, will consist of 10 ingredients or less. Salt and oil/a cooking fat do not count as ingredients, despite the fact that they are two of the basic building blocks of cooking, they’re pretty much a given in every recipe. Same goes for black pepper. 
  • Read the recipe through in its entirety once before you start chopping away. This means each and every ingredient and step. My mom always said, you cannot take an ingredient out, but you can always add to it later. You’d be surprised sometimes how often a step sneaks up on you, so read the whole kitten kaboodle  before starting prep to avoid kitchen mishaps. 

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers Recipe


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