Deer accidents are up to over 7,600 cases in Iowa already.

The term "don't veer for deer" is the one driving tip that is immensely effective. But it does go against every natural instinct you have. You would never think that it's safer to hit something than to avoid it but that really is the case when it comes to hitting a deer.

Iowa ranks 5th in the country for deer vs vehicle accidents while our neighbor to the east, Illinois, ranks 31st. State Farm reports that in Iowa, there are over 30,000 accidents involving deer every year.

Here are you tips for driving in October and November when deer accidents are highest throughout the year.

  • Watch your speed - The faster you travel, your reaction time is lower and your distance needed to break is higher
  • Pay attention to deer crossing signs - For how ever many miles after the sign, it's just a more common area for deer to cross
  • Stay alert if you spot a deer - It's not uncommon but rare that a deer is traveling by itself so if you see one, there are probably many around the area
  • Be especially aware at dusk and dawn - These are times when many deer are out and about
  • Do NOT swerve when you hit a deer - If you swerve, you could go off the road into a tree, on coming traffic, or even roll if you try to get out of the way

One of the most amazing things I've ever seen while driving is when I was traveling home from South Dakota and saw a deer running along next to me in the ditch to the right. Then as I got in front of it, I looked in the rear-view mirror and sure enough it crossed the highway and was struck by a car. I had never seen a deer get hit by car let alone to see it in my rear view mirror. Please be safe when out on the road and let's lower the number of deer vs vehicle accidents number.

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