I stopped and got gas at a convenience store yesterday that I've generally considered the place to go for cheap gas. Or, at least it has been. Just a few days ago gas at this particular station was $3.59 a gallon.

It was all a facade.

Yesterday, when I stopped to fill up, it was $3.89 a gallon. Running close to empty, I had to fill up my 2013 Ford Taurus and hope and pray this full tank lasts me as long as possible. A little over 15 gallons of liquid gold later and I added a $60 chunk to my credit card bill.

I felt a bit of physical pain looking at the price monitor in that moment, as well as typing it just now. YIKES.

I took the liberty of heading over to the GasBuddy website, where they monitor average gas prices nationally, as well as locally. You can type in whatever location you are purchasing petroleum and find the cheapest spot where you're at. It's shockingly become incredibly popular within the last few weeks.

And now, I'm helping you find where the cheapest (regular) gas is in your area of eastern Iowa.

Cedar Falls: Panthertown, 3105 Hudson Rd., $3.79

Waterloo: Casey's, 1900 W Ridgeway Ave., $3.59 

Cedar Rapids: Kwik Star, 1880 Blairs Ferry Rd., $3.78

Davenport: Sam's Club, 3887 Elmore Ave., $3.78

Iowa City (technically Coralville): Costco, 2900 Heartland Dr., $3.68

There are a few smalltown gas stations throughout the eastern part of the state that have even cheaper gas than what you could find above.

Cresco (north of the Cedar Valley): Casey's and Kwik Star on Second Ave., $3.57

Vinton (north of Cedar Rapids): Kwik Star, 1208 W 13th St, $3.58

As the prices are ever-changing, don't use this as your fuel-Bible. If anything, I'm happy to help a few Iowans save as much money as they possibly can right now, amidst the gargantuan price hikes we're all experiencing. But prices will continue to fluctuate as long as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.

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