The Center For Disease Control (CDC) has for a long time suggested Americans wear masks when they're out and about in public - both indoors and outdoors. Yesterday, the governor made it a requirement to have a mask when in gatherings of a certain size as Iowa cases continue to spread at a rapid rate. Up until yesterday, the CDC suggested you wear a mask to protect others from any droplets your mouth or nose may produce.

Now, the CDC has updated its guidance to not only say we protect others when we wear a mask, but also we protect ourselves. The additional findings now show that the wearer will receive additional protection as your mask will block incoming infectious droplets from others.

The study cited in the CDC's latest findings stem from two COVID-19 infected hair stylists who interacted with 139 clients over several days. The study found that none of the 67 clients who were tested after learning of the stylists illness developed infection. The stylists and all clients both wore masks in the salon, which was required by local ordinance and company policy.

I know they're a pain and not fun to wear. But, if they keep you and others safe, why not just put it on, right? With cases soaring in Iowa, it's the easiest way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our family, friends and neighbors.

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